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DBC AUDIO was started in 1966, the same music lovers young sound engineer Duke Evans (Duke Evans) (England) and Oreste Cerusico (Oreste Serusko) (Italy) in Italy city of Genoa co founded the music -- DBC MUSIC STUDIO small workshops, Oreste Cerusico and Duke Evans two to Dawn breaker 's' chasing' (dawn of competition) (abbreviated as DBC) as a studio slogan, the use of spare time, through their professional level will be classical opera with the electroacoustic effect of different interpretation of the perfect. In 1974, Oreste Cerusico and Duke Evans for a chance to obtain large funding, the establishment of the company, use the 'Dawn breaker' s chasing 'as a brand name, brand development power of the forge ahead, dare to do, DBC AUDIO should be from time to time, began to self research, production and distribution of speaker system.
DBC AUDIO has been helping Genoa International Marine Fair (Salone Nautico Internazionale) field audio equipment, to create a good reputation in the industry. After years of development, DBC AUDIO overseas market share rapidly, companies began to investment diversification, but in the end because of cross-border failure led to capital chain rupture, in 1992 was forced to transfer the property. DBC AUDIO was this robbery, sold in Europe after the local market, through the re positioning the product structure and the strategy, the brand gradually restore.
In 1999, Hongkong Yindi on DBC AUDIO acquisition, the acquisition of DBC was the electronic acoustic innovative and based on software to adjust the directivity of loudspeaker technology, its professional level has been recognized by the user, in accordance with the European EN-54 safety standard audio products have also made great achievements. DBC AUDIO joined the Hongkong Yindi, attract more customers new global strategy, ushered in the development of new and better. The launch of new products. Make the product to meet the market higher demand, can also create the ideal acoustical environment even in harsh field conditions, perfect to restore the original soundtrack,,,,,,
Hongkong Yindi in order to better meet customer demand, vigorously develop the Asian market, seeking to production, sales partners. In 2007 the formal authorization Guangzhou Yindi acoustic, become Chinese, DBC AUDIO the only production and sales enterprise. Guangzhou Yindi with acoustic technology and R & D team all resources, plus in professional audio field for opportunity and strengthen the connection with the market, reputation. On the production of raw materials made from material selection to the sound box loudspeaker unit, each process to do research, attention to detail sculpt, excellent product quality, good reputation in the industry. DBC AUDIO will continue to product development, and further improve the DBC AUDIO wide and comprehensive product line, looking forward to the healthy growth of the brand, to provide more acoustic feast of music appreciation for the user.
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