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2002------ set up the Guangzhou Deng's sound factory, seek location, putting in a lot of research and development equipment
2003----- OEM, a global trade partners of ODM, the development and promotion of a series of X products
2004----- set up a special team of foreign trade in Europe and America market is opened, the same year and Hongkong Yindi International Limited reach brand strategic partnership
2005----- moved to Huadu standard modern factory, the introduction of a large number of imported equipment, put into mass production, plans for the company in the next five years development has laid a solid foundation
2006----- the introduction of professional production equipment abroad by human to computer technology production step, CNC automation of woodworking machinery and equipment, solve customer problemsThe success of 
2007----- agent in Hongkong brand DBC, I am the Secretary for Chinese only production and sales enterprise
2008------ enterprise by pure foreign trade to domestic market to expand domestic market, and quickly get a space for one person, recognized by the domestic market
2009----- was renamed Guangzhou Yindi acoustic company, development blueprint for the future
2010------ the establishment of a national sales and service center, more perfect service, customer close contact, first time to clear the demand trend
2011------ introduced ERP management software production, sales, customer service, management standard integration, through the ISO9002 quality management system certification, and obtained the comprehensive technical ability of professional sound engineering first grade qualification
2012------ again large-scale introduction of CNC engraving production automation equipment, fully realize the production automation, realize the project site with a single, installation, commissioning services integration, for customers to solve practical problems in real time
2013------DBC audio brand marketing center in North China was formally established in Beijing, provide close service for customers
2014----- the future,,,,,,,, updated technology, better products, provide better service for you......
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