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The operator KTV, bar, the Performing Arts it often met the guests reflect singing "tired" problem. Sound engineer after debugging, feel good, but the guest concert will still be "tired" feeling, the mystery where? This share to avoid singing "four tuning way tired".
1, system restore tone and timbre difference I
People are the most familiar to my voice, when faced with a set of sound, with microphone singing, if his voice sound sound and human mind different, people will change singing consciousness, to seek closer to their voice sound way, is to imitate their sound. Unable to completely relax throat singing, soon feel fatigue. While the sound debugging personnel when debugging the phone, is used to debug their own voice, people know about the sound of his own shortcomings, so a lot of debugging personnel to voice his own shortcomings, with mixer balanced to landscaping treatment. The voice processing way to beautify his own shortcomings, is effective for himself, but for others may be invalid, because each person's voice characteristics of different. For example, your voice is not bright lifting treatment in high frequency, change to a voice very bright singer, high-frequency too, if you don't go back, the singer would deliberately to darken their voice, sing like this tired.
So, the fundamental reason lies in the reduction of feeling tired of the sound system is not good, not the singer sound reduction out, let the singer in singing need the distraction to find your own voice, unable to relax, so tired. Therefore, the microphone mixer ideas, not deliberately to beautify their voice, but reducing their own voice.