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Yindi acoustic is well-known in the world of professional audio pilot manufacturing, integrated enterprise company set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the. Professional CNC production equipment business thousands of square modern workshop and high-tech, and the advanced human resource management system in Enterprise Inc.
Yindi sound is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta, located in the domestic and foreign traditional development and production of audio products distribution center, information quanta, convenient traffic, abundant resources, well placed. The company has thousands of square of modernized standard factory buildings and a number of technologically advanced audio products production lines, and a group of experienced management personnel, high-quality engineering and technical personnel and be trained with regularity, excellent technology, take serious staff. With an annual output of high-quality professional audio equipment nearly sets. The company aims to create the first brand Chinese sound "three high", and strive to their own product positioning in the "quality" and "high-tech" and "high grade" quality level, scientific and technological achievements provide sound professional stability, we advanced, high quality for the vast number of professional audio user.
Guangzhou Yindi acoustic Co. Ltd.
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AddressGuangzhou Huadu Xinhua nine Tang Hua Cheng Industrial Zone

North China Marketing Center Address: Beijing city Haidian District Anning Zhuang Road No. 26 building 604 room MOMA

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